How can I help?      
  We are currently inviting open-hearted talented professionals, retirees, students- including you, a person with a passion and understanding of our mission, its needs and the desire to help build families and communities.

Seeking volunteers for the following positions:

Board members:

  •  Vice-Presidents
  •  Secretary
  •  Assistant Secretary
  •  Treasurer
  •  Assistant Treasurer
  •  Directors

Other ways to help:

  •  Become a grant writer(s)
  •  Become a fund raiser(s)
  •  Become an event planner/organizer(s)
  •  Become a call center donation operator(s)
  •  Financial support: Bonds, funds, & stocks, planned giving, including wills, gift annuities, monetarily, airline miles, etc…
  •  We value Individuals who share our….
  •  Passion for our cause
  •  Willingness to commit time for board meetings, committee meetings, planning sessions, special events
  •  Team player - works well in a group
  •  Someone who listens well, is thoughtful in considering issues
  Please contact:
Dave Konja
Founder and Executive Director
586.806.0500 (O) | 619.251.0145 (C)
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