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  On January 7, 2012 our Founder, Dave Konja, received a phone call from his wife telling him that their three year old son Jacob fell from a shopping cart. Mrs. Konja was calling from the emergency room to inform Mr. Konja that Jacob did not suffer a concussion. However, Jacob had a 2 inch tumor in the back of his head. The following day the tumor was removed and through much prayer and ongoing treatment Jacob has recovered and is doing great. Mr. Konja and his family humbly and profoundly give thanks to our Lord, Jesus Christ, every day of their lives.

As an experienced and seasoned businessman and through passion and a newfound mission in life, Mr. Konja has established A-BIT-OF-HOPE. A charitable organization established with full transparency, compassion, and respect; giving A-BIT-OF-HOPE to all we touch. Our cancer foundation, a charitable organization enables us to provide hope and assistance to those families caring for children with cancer, because we understand that parents become full time care givers to their child, forcing this compassionate act of love to result into a potential and debilitating financial kiss of death. A*BIT*OF*HOPE is humbled and proud to be able to help those families with their day-to-day financial needs upon meeting established criteria.

Through mechanisms, such as donations, fund raising and establishing a brick-in-mortar retail thrift and general store with a unique twist, we are able to fulfill the needs of families and our communities; by offering everything from produce and most items commonly found at a supermarket or convenient store to additional services that dovetail perfectly with the daily needs and demands of individuals, families and societies.

In addition to our objective to help those children with cancer and their families, this is truly an opportunity to provide to low and zero income families in need, including new immigrants who can rely on us to help them stretch their purchasing dollar.

  In this light, we also address the concerns and needs of those families in these hard economic times. We do this not only by providing them with free items (for those who qualify), great prices on foods, clothing, blankets, shoes, etc… but also offer the opportunity to allow them to be able to shop at "unheard-of-prices" for their everyday conventional grocery needs similar to that of affordable grocery chain prices, again, holistically fulfilling the needs of families and communities, including items such as new close-out items, HABA, electronics, furniture, and much, much more.

On a broader vision, our efforts will not be limited to local or regional demographics. We believe the establishment of an import-export extension of our organization is key and novel, allowing us to extend reach and services and one which clearly takes a direction of leadership rather than the conventional the same old out-reach organizations that have shown to not only bulldoze smaller retail stores, many of which are locally and family-owned, thereby negatively impacting the growth and prosperity and community-oriented societies.

Our business model is to provide a substantial portion of the profits from the sales of goods to those countries we do business with to redistributed back to those countries and to the areas that matter the most-the needy and hungry and most vulnerable, including those families and societies yearning for a chance for a better life, just emerging from war-torn areas.

We envision the donations given back to such countries and areas to be handled by a group of qualified individuals in a team spirit and executed with full transparency. The group will be provided with the tools to record and monitor transactions. This model will ensure that funds and goods will be applied to those who truly require the help. The same model and transparency that applies to the whole organization of A-BIT-OF-HOPE.
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